International Day of Women in Science

Reflecting on International Day of Women in Science, let’s meet Parvinder Punia, Pharmexon Co-founder. As a Regulatory Affairs expert with 18+ years of experience and a former leader at EU agencies, Parvinder Punia navigates complex landscapes and actively shapes industry standards. But her impact goes beyond regulations – she inspires young women in science.Parvinder’s contributions to advancing science resonate with today’s topic

Discover Parvinder’s journey and attachment to science as she shares her experiences and perspectives.

  1. What Inspired You to Pursue a Career in Science?

I’ve always been fascinated by understanding the mechanics of how things operate, whether it’s biological systems or even the mechanics of cars. Upon finishing school, I wasn’t eager to study medicine, but Biology felt like the right path for me. As I engaged more deeply in the field, Cellular and Molecular Biology caught my attention. I found working in a hands-on experimental environment more appealing than purely theoretical study.

  1. What are Some Challenges You’ve Faced as a Woman in Science, and How Have You Overcome Them?

I believe the challenges encountered by women in science are similar to those faced by women in other fields. As I began working and researching in the ’90s, the lead scientists were mostly men, but there were also a few women who motivated me to pursue lead positions and advanced research education. I think that in my field of science, challenges aren’t as overwhelming as in Mechanical Engineering or Aeronautics, where some of my University colleagues struggled a lot.

  1. What excites and motivates you most about Pharma?

It undergoes dynamic and rapid changes, with the R&D environment and technology evolving swiftly. It seems particularly interesting how the regulation should keep up with the advancements. I find it astonishing that we are now able to face incurable diseases, especially oncological, being able to maintain long-term patient survival with low risks and low incidences.

  1. What Piece of Advice Would You Give Young Women Considering a Career in Science?

For a young woman – I would recommend taking some risks in your pathway of research – where there is new technology evolving – this is the area to explore. It may not come to fruition – but the lessons learned will be invaluable for your career ahead.

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