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Our team has years of medical translation experience for some of the world's largest Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies and also for most industries.

We have a committed Project Management team and an experienced native linguists selected for their skills in a particular industry, our translation teams have access to the latest terminology banks, dictionaries and other reference materials.

We provide high quality translations for different industries such:
  • Life science
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Software and web localization
  • Technical
Other services:
  • Proofreading
  • Translation Memory Management
  • Terminology Management
  • Desktop Publishing Services

Life science

Medical documents such a Product Information require precise and accurate terminology mandatory by National Agencies. Our team follows Standard Operational Procedures that ensures the documents will be in optimal shape for approval. We guarantee to achieve local regulatory approvals and localization of products in diverse markets.

We provide language solutions in the following areas in Life Science::
  • Pharmaceutical translations
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical trials
  • Health care
  • Pharmacovigilances


Avoid risking your reputation! Your legal documents such as contracts, agreements, discovery documents and litigations for example, require precision that can be only achieved with the appropriate team.

Our team of Project Managers together with a legal expert linguists will ensure a top quality result. They work with updated legal terminology according to the Law Regulations in the specified country.


Accurate translation is not enough when you need Marketing material for different countries. You require expert linguist with a depth knowledge of the target market so besides translation, they localize the material so it reads appropriate for the country cultural, social or political variants.

We can help our clients in a wide range of marketing translation services because we have the experience and the right team per country to do it.

Software localization

Language localization is the process of adapting a text that has been translated into a target languages to a specific country or area including a cultural adaptation to account for differences in distinct markets. Is most generally related to software, video games and websites.

Our team can help to reach global markets with localized software products that meet the language and functionality requirements of local users in the given market.

Our project management team and expert linguists understand the challenges of software localization and they will help you adapting the software application to the user elements as per countries guidelines. This includes translation not only of the text but also the graphics of the application.


Translation of technical manuals, guides or user instructions require high precision. Industries have their own terminology according to the industry sector. Also the target audience need to be considered for the translation of the text.

Our team can help with the delivery of accurate technical translated text and also with Desktop Publishing services for a complete print-ready material.

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