Pharmexon Consulting is able to see Regulatory Affairs with a 3­dimensional view. What is unique about our consultancy is that our Key Experts have worked for Health Agencies, Corporate Pharmaceuticals and have consulted in small to large service company. This unique vision means that the experts are able to assess the technical complexities, scientific challenges and regulatory landscape with full accountability to the end business requirements. One of the main challenges our experts have experienced is to make Business Development see eye to eye with Regulatory. The two elements are not mutually exclusive and all elements are considered as part of any strategy.

Longterm Partnerships

We are partnership orientated; collaborating with us includes:
  • Benefiting of the most competitive prices in the industry
  • Access to a range of subject matter experts who have decades of industry, agency and consultancy experience
  • Receiving country¬≠specific expertise in intellectual property, patenting, dossier development and regulatory filing requirements
  • Enjoying the flexibility of a boutique consultancy where there are no corporate policies in place
  • Benefiting of excellent customer care including speedy responses to queries and direct contact with the experts
  • Accelerating regulatory approval through creative and innovative strategies, customized to your needs